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Audience comments

Roderick Williams is a favourite performer at the Society. To date, he has sung for us in 2014 and 2022. Here are a few reactions from the audience.

RW 1_edited.jpg

“  The rapt attention of the whole audience led to those wonderful few moments of stillness at the end of the recital when, lost in the moment, the audience remained silent before the rapturous applause began.    

“  ... an absolutely magnificent demonstration of the art of song delivered by an artist at the height of his powers and glorying in his ability to touch every emotion during two hours of sustained mastery. It was a truly a stupendous performance, the like of which it was a privilege to witness.

RW 4.jpeg

Imogen Cooper - the Society's current President - first delighted our audience in 2005. She performed most recently at Bawtree Hall in 2022. Audience members wrote

Cooper flowers.jpg

Yet another outstanding concert. We are so fortunate in being able to listen to such great performers all in our 'back yard'.

Imogen Cooper concert. A triumph! Outstanding! Thank you!

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